issue guide: Global Warming


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Fairly nonpartisan sources

  • The US Environmental Protection Agency has been criticized by environmentalists as being too business-friendly, but recent statements from the agency on climate change suggest it's warming up to environmentalist views. The US Climate Change Science Program, a government agency, also seems to feel to speak its mind.

  • Pew is also as balanced as you'll get on global warming, although at the end of the day they lean more left than right.

  • This Washington Post article gives a glance at some of the economics of emissions cuts.

  • Resources for the Future looks pretty balanced on the topic of climate change, bringing together environmentalists and industry to find common ground.

The concerned

The skeptics and business-minded folk

Other good sources

  • The Energy Information Administration's analysis of the Kyoto Protocol

  • The National Ocianic and Atmospheric Administration begins to see changes in the weather due to climate change.

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