who do you trust?

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Since it comes up a lot in our comments sections whether or not certain sources can be trusted for their facts and information – and since cJ thought those discussions were are a distraction from talking about the policies themselves, cJ created this “Who do you trust?” page.

If you have something to say about the credibility of a group or organization, you can say it here. We also suggest you check out sites that are experts in this kind of thing –

Even though our rule on “stick to the message not the messenger” doesn’t apply on this page, all our other guidelines still do.

Who Do I trust?

Frankly, I trust no one.

That is not quite true, but the idea is that there is no one without some kind of bias. I am more likely to trust someone who admits their bias up front.

If I get the feeling you are either ashamed to admit your affiliation with some group or you don't want to admit it for fear that the association will influence the readers acceptance of your ideas, then I am more likely to mistrust your motives. 

I will go further and say there is no such thing as facts without a point of view. There is no such thing as truth without some sort of bias. There are always presuppositions. There are always assumptions. There are things that cannot be proven but must nevertheless be accepted as true. (Prove, for instance, that the universe is rational.) 

Anyone who says "I have the unbiased truth" I view with some scepticism. Anyone who say "I assume nothing" probably hasn't clearly thought it through. 

So I would rather have a variety of sources all of whome admit their bias and presuppositions, and let me do the filtering and decide for myself. 

Bill (not verified) | June 3, 2008 - 3:25pm