To Buy or Not to Buy?

I don't know, am I? As you may have seen before, I can lose my concentration and sanity both in a very short time. De ja vu: I was on the NYTimes at about five in the morning, and an ad for the new Samsung Instinct (new phone) caught my attention. I'm used to the General's car insurance ads letting me crash into cars while I'm checking my e-mail, but I was a little surprised that there was a game with this phone ad, let alone a memory game. Since no one else was up so early and I really had nothing better to do, I decided to play. I had been able to remember 12 of the flashing buttons (too hard to explain) before I finally lost.

Now it may not seem like I'm going anywhere with this, but I actually think I have a point buried in here somewhere. In my somewhere between 10 and 15 years of living, I have seen my share of advertising campaigns. However, it seems that over the last two or three years, interactive advertising, particularly online, has really taken off, and it seems like a certain amount of it has actually been affective. Companies have seen that we like to be entertained, and have responded to that with these kind of ads. On the other hand, it does seem a little weird that Samsung would put a game ad on the New York Times website; it wouldn't seem like that New York Times readers would be the core demographic. My personal opinion.

I just think it's interesting to look and see how methods of advertising have changed over the years. We have gone from simple print ads recommending products to interactive, occasionally interesting games to draw us in. This begs the question: does this new mode of advertising work? I am supposed to be getting a new cell phone sometime soon, but do I want the Instinct now? Well, based on what I've seen, it looks like a good phone, but unfortunately, I don't think it's the kind of phone I need.

No, I'm not really sure what that was: product review, retrospective look at advertising, the list can go on. You have as good of a guess as I do.