More on Private Contracting

There has been a lot of recent concern about private contracting in Iraq; I have commented on it myself. While browsing the New York Times site a few days ago, I came across more, and not entirely what I was expecting. I don't know about you, but when I think about private contracting, I think of security agencies like Blackwater USA. But no: the subject of scrutiny is this time electrical contractors.

According to this article, there have been, "... at least 283 electrical fires [that] destroyed or damaged American military facilities," and this is just in the past six months; back in 2006, a fire at a base close to Tikrit resulted in the deaths of two soldiers. Soldiers have a lot to fear if they go to Iraq - they should have to worry about electrical outlets.

Back in June, as you may remember, President Bush rejected an addition of five generals to watchover the performance of private contractors. However, with the flaws that have been observed in the seemingly trivial matter of electrical work, it seems to me that this new oversite group would have been quite beneficial. If such a group were in place, one would think that performance could be better monitored and the incidents could have been avoided.